Sowot Sport was established in 2004 and remains a privately owned company where our initial values still govern our business.
As a supplier of premium gymnastic and bespoke girls leotards and boys leotards and apparel.
Our aim was to listen to our customers, work with them and produce what they want at realistic prices.

Almost two decades on we still work closely with those customers and new customers join along our journey all becoming friends who work together.

We are very proud of our reputation to always help and offer valuable advice to our customers with regards to all their leotard needs and new enquiries whether that’s a one off individual order, taking the very first steps or a club order, everyone is important to us. We are proud of our high quality products and use only the finest materials sourced from around the world. Our items are 100% made in UK and are worn proudly around the globe.

Alongside our bespoke items we continually develop and add to our standard leotard lines which can be ordered as single garments in any colour or a combination of colours.
So, whether you require one or one hundred items, your design or our design, standard colour or adapted, for you we can help.
Drop us an email with your ideas or any questions to: